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 Mended Hearts


There is a chemical connection between rust and blood, both being oxidized iron components. The human hemoglobin carries oxygen thru our veins, and rusted iron as an iron reaction to oxygen and water. I collect rust powder from my surroundings. Different colors of rust that is like a silent time reminder.

 I layer cast resin hearts, inlayed with plant veins and rust powder. The rust colors the resin in different red hues that look organic, similar to the color of blood. I cut the resin hearts in halves and connect them back into a whole with silver parts. The connection between the resin and the silver is derived from acts of mending and fusion. I intensify a moment of disruption. Like in a therapeutic act, I mend and fix the cut organ.  I dress the hearts metal jewelry or is it metal splints? The organs are not merely 'accessories of adornment' but have a story to tell.

Mended Heart 2

Epoxy resin, rust powder, plant veins, silver

11 x 9 x 2.5 cm

Hand fabrication and molding

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