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Corals 2



I tell the story of the coral reefs throughout the seas and oceans.

Coral reefs are structures of coral colonies that have lived and died, and continue to develop one on top of the other over a long period of time.

They are a habitat for a large variety of marine animals in addition to being a barrier against waves and storms.

The corals live in symbiosis with the algae that live within their body tissue. These algae are sensitive to the change in seawater conditions.

Industry and agriculture are responsible for the increased emission of greenhouse gases and pollution on the surface of the earth, the atmosphere and the sea. This pollution causes the sea water to heat up and become cloudy, which kills the algae and causes the corals to bleach and even die.


In the last thirty years the world's coral reefs have lost about 50 percent of their area.


These reefs are evidence of time on Earth, evidence of the ecological state of the sea.


In my work I stop to think about the way we humans treat the nature around us as an infinite resource. About the way we pollute our natural environment without thinking about the future.


Corals series

6 - 28 cm

Copper, enamel, thread, glass beads

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