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Mended at last

Installation | 2005

I integrate roots in my work as a metaphor to personal experiences.

I choose to use these roots, always impressed by their delicate and weak appearance- in contrast to their great influence on their surrounding, constantly pushing the earth around them, creating their image on space, leaving a sign.

Unrevealed, deep inside earth, in a constant process of growth and change – of  life.

Much before their sprout appears on the ground, roots are impressed deep on earth like our memories are impressed in our soul.

I exposed these roots, stopped life at a static moment, a still frame.

I tear off roots from their place, almost in a violent act, some are torn and wounded.

I dry these roots, stop their growth. I intensify a moment of disruption.

Like in a therapeutic act, I mend and fix every wound.

I dress the roots metal jewelry or is it metal splints?


Brass, plant roots

Fabrication, soldering

22 x 6  cm ,   40 x  140 cm

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