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Mended 242- Dania Chelminsky.jpg

Mended 242


Our lives in Israel have changed. The ground trembles under our feet, this beloved land is changing,  it is detaching from its values.

I unfurl a flag of wounded cloth, crumbling from the evidence of time and occurrence.

In this disintegration I feel a paralyzing insecurity.

I find myself disassembling, assembling, and repairing the flag as a kind of a healing process.

I detach the flag symbol, the Star of David, from the background of the crumbling cloth.

Choosing to connect parts of this flag with the help of safety pins in a world where safety has been lost.

This is not a choice of a permanent connection but a provisional, temporary one.

Connecting parts of a torn reality in which the Star of David hangs by a thread.

And yet, I choose the option of connecting, and fusion and repair, in a longing for wholeness.

Piece of flag, Safety Pins

55 X 40 cm

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