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Mended 241 photo by Meidan Gil Harosh.jpg

Mended 241


Take a Seat

Collaboration with TOLLMAN's & fresh paint

I choose to refer to:  PEDRALI by CMP Design

I look at the wholeness of this wooden chair. I saw off a piece of one of its legs, wounding it, creating a stump in the wooden chair.

The connection between the brass and the wooden body is an act of repair and fusion. An attempt to arrange, beautify, shape the stumped limb, and give meaning to the unpleasant feeling of amputation and the pain it evokes.

I make a prosthesis made of metal, brass.

This creates an inversion and turns the functional object into a story subject as well.

Wood, Brass

78 X 50 X 43 cm

Photos by Meidan Gil Harosh

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