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Installation | 2016

The installation was born out of the observation of the surrounding and immediate nature, a force operating independently, according to its own rules. Out of this observation I tried to manipulate the material, and by doing so to participate in the process of its growth. The exhibition showcases the meeting point between my involvement and the natural process.

The cornerstones are Petri dishes and their image as base for experimentation. Brass circles of the dishes’ size act as framework for the intertwining between the jewel and the growing plant. These circles, laid on a damp bed, support the seed and structure an outline for its growth.

The intertwining of the jewel and the plant is forever unique: sometimes the metal is caging the plant, and sometimes supports it; other times the two are so entangled it is difficult to say which one supports the other. From the moment the seed is sparking unto life there is no way of knowing what form its relationship to the jewel will take. There is no actual regularity.

The involvement in the process of growth is in fact a link to circles of life, formed out of the expansion of the uncontrollable originating in nature. The process can now be defined by name: “Raising a Jewel”.


Brass and natural Beans

7 x 2 x .2 cm

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