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Heirloom Seeds

Installation | 2017

Paper seed shaped dimensional forms, enlarged, destabilized, stained, like hollow shells or sterile seeds.  

A  metaphor for man's interference in nature.

I emphasize the genetic engineering processes conducted on seeds, which lead to the extinction of ancient genetic information, since the large seed corporations have taken over the global food industry. Unlike industrialized seeds, 'Heirloom seeds', the open pollinated seeds, keep the natural characteristics that have developed in them throughout the ages, and encode within themselves a long history of agricultural culture.

I choose traditional and manual techniques of paper-making and pressing, which have been used for many years in the Far East and Europe. By doing so ,I also emphasize the importance of preserving knowledge in our human culture.


Materials:  Kozo and cotton fivers, Iron wire, Brass

Manual paper making, molding, pressing

2-7  cm

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